How This Work Can Serve You

In working with a trained and experienced grief counselor and the ironclad confidentiality of clergy, you may find that:

A Black LGBTQ+ couple holds each other in grief.
  • You are able to say and express emotions and ideas you cannot in other arenas of your life. Your grief may be simple and straightforward, coming out of a loving relationship. Or, you may have feelings of anger or resentment, and may feel shame about that. You could feel conflicted about a complicated relationship. Others of us may have unexpressed regrets, or we are simply angry at the person for dying.
  • You can release accumulated stress knowing that what you are experiencing, that your emotions, or even lack thereof, and other grief responses are truly normal. For some, it’s difficult to cry, or we may find ourselves in an environment where it seems inappropriate to express our sorrow.
  • You feel accompanied, instead of alone, as you work through the shifting landscape of your grief– from moments of feeling better to suddenly or unexpectedly feeling overwhelmed by a “grief wave.”
Photo: a young, Black, Latinx, LGBTQ+ person sitting against a chain-link fence with makeup of rainbow tear stains.
  • You can be your authentic self. Grief is physically and emotionally messy. In our sessions, there is no need to exert extra energy putting up a facade or pretending to feel or be anything other than who or how you are that day. The real you is welcome.
  • And, once your grief feels normalized and understood, and when you are deeply heard, you may better be able to navigate through the pain, vicissitudes, and challenges.

“Rabbi Jon Sommer not only listens with his ears, but he truly listens with his heart and his inner spirit…His wisdom helped me to better understand the negative changes in family members’ behavior towards me following my husband’s death. This has allowed me to find peace in my heart and move on with my life as an elderly widow. Without his guidance, I may not have been able to live through the last ten years, quite literally. I am very grateful that I have Rabbi Sommer in my life.”

– a counseling client